How To Start Your Own E-Commerce Store.

eCommerce is poised to become a major player in the global retail market, and we are here to help you be a part of it.

The eCommerce industry has been rising for the past few years and is expected to grow even more. Access to affordable smartphones and internet in Tier II and Tier III cities have made it easier for people to use technology and utilize the convenience of eCommerce.  People today have less time, and therefore are prone to using their smartphones for everything, even shopping. Deals, discounts and free delivery also help in boosting this industry. At the rate we are going, we can confidently assume that the eCommerce industry will be the future.

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Launching your own E-Commerce Store

The essentials we need before launching an eCommerce store is - Website, Payment Gateway, and a Shipping Partner. There are two kinds of stores - ones that are self-hosted and ones that are on SaaS platforms. Both have their pros and cons and there are several options for both of them. The choice has to be made depending on what our requirement is. Here, we will discuss using WooCommerce to host our store on our WordPress website.

WooCommerce is a plugin offered by WordPress to make functionality easier for eCommerce stores. Here we discuss how to configure and use it.

Plugins > Add New > WooCommerce. Install and activate the plugin through your WP dashboard.

Configure plugin. Select your store location, currency as well as your shipping & tax settings. We can also enable the types of payments we will be receiving.

Products > Add New. Create your first product. You can add pictures, price, a picture gallery as well as a description.

WooCommerce > Settings. From this option, we can manage products, taxes, shipping, and other settings.

STEP 5: Shipping

  • Plugins > Add New > Shiprocket.
  • Create an account on Shiprocket website.
  • Configure these settings on the WooCommerce plugin

STEP 6: Payment Gateway

  • Plugins > Add New > WooCommerce PayU India.
  • Create a merchant account on the PayU India website and complete the application form.
  • From PayU website, copy Merchant ID & SALT which will be posted on the plugin settings on WP dashboard.

Once we have completed these settings, we are set up for an eCommerce store. We need to connect with our Shipping & Payment Gateway partners and purchase a plan which suits our needs. After this, we can begin selling our products through our online store.

With our help, we can design you a store that you will be able to manage yourself while simultaneously have a support team behind you. Contact us now to begin your E-Commerce journey.


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