Top 9 types of Digital Marketing.

Are you looking for an effective way to boost traffic to your site and attract more buyers to your business? Feeling overwhelmed by the countless types of digital marketing you could use? We’re here to help you.

It is a simple fact, we are in the digital age. In the past few years, we’ve seen the massive growth in the field of digital marketing. Businesses are now steadily increasing their digital marketing budgets. This is because, digital marketing campaigns are cheaper and easier to set up, run and monitor. The results are trackable & measurable which gives digital marketing an edge over non-digital marketing.

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Why Does Digital Marketing Matter

It is no secret that the amount of time we spend connected to our electronic devices is increasing day by day. It is not far-fetched to say that there may come a time when we spend every waking hour on electronic devices. This is why indulging in digital marketing is more important and impactful than ever before. Digital marketing efforts help you receive consumers in a way you never could. Therefore, you should know the types of digital marketing to understand what works best for your industry, your company and your target audience.

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1. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine's unpaid results—often referred to as "natural", "organic", or "earned" results. SERPs or search engine results pages appear to users after they search for a given set of keywords using a search engine like Google or Bing. The higher you rank on a SERP, the more traffic you get on your site, which will help you turn a passive visitor into an active customer.

The only way to do this is by optimizing your website using SEO. This includes On-page and Off-page SEO. SEO trends are ever-changing as algorithms change according to user needs which is why you always need to stay updated in order to increase your visibility.

2. Search Engine Marketing

SEM includes paid traffic from search engines. With SEM, you purchase space for advertisement which then appears on a user's SERP. The most common paid platforms are Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising or PPC is an example of SEM. In PPC, search engines charge a company every time their advertisement is clicked. PPC has also been adopted by social media platforms.

3. Social Media Marketing

We all know that social media is a crucial part of marketing. It gives you increased exposure and allows you to connect with consumers, allowing you to gain valuable information on your target demographic.

By utilizing social media marketing you can gain more reach with quality content. All the techniques used to increase traffic or sales over social media channels are part of social media marketing. You should use social media marketing as a way to put out engaging content for your users.

4. Content Marketing

The practice of delivering quality content to your users to generate leads and/or sales is called content marketing. Blogs, tweets, posts, even a YouTube video - all comprise content marketing. Content Marketing works well as it combines quality content with other types of digital marketing like SEO and Social Media Marketing.

Content marketing is an ongoing practice. It doesn’t have to be about sales, but more about engaging and educating your customer to build brand recognition and consumer’s trust. Creation of relevant, quality content helps you stand amongst your competition and it helps boost your SEO.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of paying for conversions and/or leads. You determine the rate for affiliate marketing but you only pay for conversions. Therefore there is no upfront cost to affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketer will be representing your brand, so you want them to carry your brand’s message. Many bloggers or e-commerce websites use affiliate marketing.

6. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the newer types of digital marketing. It uses people who have an enormous online reach who are considered experts by your target audience. They help drive traffic and sales.

Influencer marketing is popular on social media channels like Instagram and Snapchat. Companies these days hire influencers who are on Instagram with huge followings to promote their brand by posting one or more photos with the product. These social media tactics drive the influencer’s following to your social media channels increasing your new followers and unique views.

7. Email Marketing

Email marketing allows you to keep in touch with your email subscribers on a regular basis for your company. This helps establish a relationship, which is unlike other types of digital marketing. Your email updates provide value to your consumer, resulting in brand trust and loyalty.

The best way to launch email marketing campaigns is to involve your subscribers - which you have earned by your content and company, and not through paid methods. People who opt-in, i.e. choose your email subscription will be more likely to become active buyers.

8. Viral Marketing

Viral marketing refers to a post of some sort that is trendy, funny, or strange enough to garner a massive amount of shares online. Viral marketing can cause a huge spike in website traffic over a short period of time. This is not easy to achieve but is very beneficial.

B2C companies stand to gain the most from viral marketing. They can use social media to reach an enormous audience across all of their active platforms.

9. Mobile Phone Advertising

This includes all types of digital advertising that can happen on a mobile device. There are a few marketing techniques which can be done on a mobile phone but not on other devices.

One example of this is SMS advertising which can be a huge asset to local marketing efforts. You can prompt your consumers to use SMS to receive special offers, coupons, and updates from your company.

Offline Digital Marketing

It is very important to realize that your digital marketing strategy is not complete with online digital marketing alone. Some types of offline marketing should also be implemented to reach your goals. Enhances offline marketing is the strategy which uses electronic devices to improve the user experience. An example of this can be when a restaurant uses electronic tablets to take orders from their customers.

Radio marketing, television marketing, and phone marketing also comprise offline digital marketing.

Using The Types of Digital Marketing To Benefit Your Business

As we have learned, you can use the above marketing strategies to boost the visibility of your business and engage your consumers. Creating experiences for your target audience that boost your brand into the forefront of your mind. Quality marketing practices benefit both you and your target audience.

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